Congratulations @macpaw on your 10th Anniversary:…

I wish you many more years and many more cats.

Congratulations @_connectedfm and hosts @viticci, @imyke & @ismh on milestone episode 200:…

Paella. Yum!

KQED reporter John Sepulvado on Morning Edition reporting on child reunification hearings: “I’m no Nina Totenberg, but…” made me giggle.

Congrats @rosemaryorchard and @macsparky on episode #1 of the Automators podcast:… @automatorsfm

You know you’ve been on vacation when @OutOfMilk no longer shows in your Siri app suggestions.

Stella from @tenonedesign. Find outlets in the dark, keep your cords tidy, and have it all look great. Made my order.

Congratulations @ChaffeeJohn on the launch of WhenWorks: John also founded BusyMac, makers of BusyCal.

Happy Birthday, @macgenie! Wishing you: 🍰(GF) +🍷+🎉

“This may take up to NaN seconds.” I suppose this is going to be very fast or very, very slow. Or perhaps it’s related to a grandmother.

Smile History: TextExpander, a Story of Change and Typing

Smile History: Products That Weren’t

Smile History: DiscLabel, Memories of an Icon

Smile History: PageSender, a Fax Story

Great post from @maia_olson “Smile Celebrates 15 Years”: Includes an SASE sticker giveaway!

Starting today with our 5th birthday mug from 10 years ago. At the time: “Five years and still smiling.” Now: 15. Still smiling.

Fun interview I did with @ismh about Smile’s 15th Birthday:

Myke Hurley @imyke of @_RelayFM noted for his Twitter observations in @TechCrunch article:

Congrats, Myke!

There is a “Show Status Log” button in Organizer which does an update check on apps waiting for Notarization. That helps a bit.

Looking like Notarization adds Mac App Store-like uncertainty to the direct to customer release process. Workflow: submit via Xcode, receive acknowledgement which says wait for a notification, then no feedback. Will the wait be an hour? Three days? New site for that?